The Brand

Fashion drives our brand. It defines our design, and dictates our direction. When choosing a handbag, the modern woman no longer has to trade style for convenience. We believe you should never sacrifice fashion for function, and our pieces prove you don’t have to.

Ben and Miriam Krauss established MB Krauss in 2017 with a single goal in mind: offer women stylish handbags with purpose. We set out to produce these handbags with beauty, function and form, but it was important to also make them affordable.

Our products are proof that quality handbags don’t have to cost a fortune, and the partners we teamed up with are as passionate about providing chic and cost effective pieces as we are. We were selective about choosing fashion and product designers, developers and researchers who can create unique, artistic handbags that suit the modern woman and complement her lifestyle.

MB Krauss understands the importance of longevity and durability in fashion, especially for women on the go. Each MB Krauss handbag is made with high-quality materials. We chose textiles which hold up under daily wear and tear of any busy woman’s life. But our handbags are also statement pieces, adding a dynamic and elegant touch to outfits for work and for play.

After all, an accessory shouldn't be an afterthought.