Welcome to the MB Krauss Blog

Welcome to MB Krauss, where we don’t compromise fashion for function. We are a family business, founded by Miriam and Ben Krauss with a mission to offer beautiful, high-quality handbags that help women feel stylish, chic and organized.

The modern woman wears a lot of hats. She might work as a professional by day and hit the gym at night. Maybe she’s a mother with her hands full and her schedule even fuller. Perhaps she is a freelancer who needs the flexibility to hobnob with clients in between running errands. 

Whoever she is, today’s woman shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, style and practicality. With a handbag from MB Kraus’s, she can have all three. 
At MB Krauss, we know the struggles that this busy, modern lifestyle imposes on all of us. We’re entrepreneurs based out of New York City, where hustle is the daily mantra and fashion is never an afterthought. 

While on the subway one day, trying to avoid eye contact, we came upon an interesting observation. Everyone had fabulous shoes, complementing their outfits with seemingly effortless fashion sense. 

But their bags were a different story. Young professionals were toting high-end, fashionable messenger and crossbody bags that must have cost a fortune. Parents were heaving their strollers onto the subway, diaper bags overflowing with bottles. People on their way to the gym were lugging bulky athletic bags.

This observation sparked an intriguing conversation between Miriam and Ben. Your bag is usually held under your arm or by your hip. It’s front and center, and it shouldn’t interfere with your outfit. It should pull it all together.

So we teamed up with partners who supported our mission. From selecting the textiles to working out designs, we kept our customers in mind. Now, we offer statement handbags that are ideal as diaper bags, gym bags, travel bags, fitness bags and cosmetic bags. 

Our story is your story. And your story shouldn’t be compromised because of a less-than-perfect handbag. 

In this blog, we’ll be sharing stories about modern women living contemporary lifestyles. We’ll let you know about the latest and best bags. We’ll also keep you in the know about trends in parenting, organizing and fashion accessories. 

You’re multi-talented, and we are multi-faceted. We’re here to inspire, organize and dress you well. 

Stay tuned as we roll out several new styles in the new year. Thanks for reading! We would love to get your feedback on what’s important to you when it comes to fashion, function and squeezing the fun out of life.