Top 5 Baby Product Must Haves

It can be overwhelming to decide what you really need to buy for your new baby. You really have no idea what you’ll need, and the advertisements make you feel like you should have it all. Some products are more effective than others for making your life easier. If you’re not sure what to get, start with these 5 must-have baby products.

1. Baby Carrier

baby carrier

Wearing your baby close to your chest is soothing. It also helps your baby learn. Your infant is close to your eye level and can take in the world as you see it. Plus, if your baby starts to fuss, you can instantly soothe him by patting his back or singing him a lullaby.

A baby carrier helps you out by letting you care for your baby while going about your day. Your hands are free to get things done. It’s much more relaxing to go to the grocery store with a calm baby on your chest than a wailing baby in the carseat carrier.

2. Nursing Pillow

nursing pillow

Many mothers develop poor posture from hunching over their infants during feedings. A nursing pillow props up your little one so that you don’t have to round your shoulders. It makes feedings more comfortable for your baby, too.

You can also use your nursing pillow to support your infant while she’s lying on her back. Always supervise your little one when she’s lying on a pillow, though.

3. Diaper Bag With Changing Pad

diaper bag with changing pad

It seems like you have to bring everything but the kitchen sink along with you whenever you leave the house with a newborn. A roomy diaper bag helps you organize diapers, wipes, pacifiers, toys, bottles, blankets and other infant essentials. If you get one that fits with your fashion sense, you’re more likely to get excited about lugging all of your things with you on outings.

Look for a diaper bag that has multiple pockets to keep your necessities handy. A portable changing pad gives you a surface on which to lay your baby when you’re doing diaper duty in public places. If the pad has a spot for diapers and wipes, that’s all you’ll need to grab no matter where you go with your little one.

4. Wipe Warmer

wipe warmer

Diaper changes can make your baby uncomfortable. All that cold air, compounded with cold wipes, is enough to make your infant cry out. A warmer makes wipes feel more comfortable against your newborn’s skin and can prevent diaper changes from sending him (and you) over the edge.

5. Toy Holder

toy holder

At some point, your child will get a kick out of playing the “drop everything on the floor” game. She’ll be playing happily in her high chair or stroller and toss her toy onto the floor. It’s funny at first, until she starts whining because she can’t reach it and your back starts aching from bending over yet again.

A toy holder keeps your kiddo entertained by keeping her toys close at hand. Both you and your little one will be thankful for it.